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Darron Purifoy- President

Darron Cornell Purifoy Son of Command Sergeant Major (CSM) – US Army Retired 1983, graduated from Memphis State University in 1989 (Currently: The University of Memphis) with a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. With more than ten years of experience in manufacturing operations and designing facilities for the paper and food industries, implemented new and renovated existing handling systems, guided the development of major consolidations, and supported the manufacture of goods. As a ‘Senior Industrial Engineer’, developed production and cost management standards for budgeting. As a ‘Staff Engineer’, designed and directed engineering activities, and facilitated project management for supplies and suppliers. As a Licensed General Contractor (‘Industrial, Commercial and Residential’ – 1997), knowledge of production control, engineering economics, statistical process control, and construction standards.

Mr. Purifoy served as the ‘Vice President of Operations and Government Affairs’ for an Aerospace company where he interfaced with the ‘Hill’, NASA, FAA, and USAF in acquiring operational agreements (USAF-CSOSA 2005) and getting in compliance with international treaties and agreements with government agencies being a primary responsibility. As a result, achieving the release of the first stage of Peacekeeper from the START Treaty (FAA-November 14, 2007).

Internationally, Mr. Purifoy has achieved Business Development success that include but not limited to establishing USA Rice exports into West Africa. Mr. Purifoy’s primary focus is Business Development with an emphasis of opening new markets for American products and the development (industrialization) of industrial mineral resources in East Africa and water resources on the continent of Africa.

Nick Herren- Vice President

Nick Herren has over forty years’ experience in the following:

  • Systems Lead Engineer (Shuttle RF Communications) as member of First Space Shuttle Launch Team and Lead Test Conductor of Space Lab test and Launch Team
  • Test manager for Spacelab program led by NASA and European Space Agency
  • Senior and Project Management (McDonnell Douglas/Boeing) in NASA Shuttle and International Space Station Programs
  • NASA/DoD Payload Customer Interface Manager of Launch Services for STS (Shuttle), Atlas, and Delta launch vehicles • Involvement in Space Flight Hardware and Ground Support Equipment
  • Program and mission requirements development
  • Major design reviews (PDR/CDR),
  • Certification of Flight Readiness (CoFR),
  • Flight Readiness Reviews (FRR)
  • Senior Technical Specialist in Space Flight Systems Integration (Shuttle/Space Station programs)
  • Expert in developing process and procedures for design, development, test, verification, and launch related to Flight Hardware and Ground Support Equipment • Contractor manager for the Department of Defense (DOD) security team supporting a Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) mission.
  • Government (DOD and NASA) contract proposal writing and management
  • Design and development of KSC GSE and Facility mods for the ARTEMIS program Employed by: Rockwell International McDonald Douglas Boeing SpaceHab ASRC Millennium Engineering and Integration (MEI) ARES Government Agencies: NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center) European Space Agency (ESA) Italian Space Agency (ASI) DOD Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI: “Star Wars”) and Interim Upper Stage (IUS) booster DOD Space Lift Range Systems Contract (Eastern Test Range at PAFB/CCAFS)

Nick is currently the Coordinator for the NASA ARTEMIS program launch operations with the 45th Space Wing (Eastern Range).


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