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PMB Aerospace Corporation was founded in 1989. The company holds several patents in ordnance and propulsion technology, as well as perpetual exclusive licenses on Domestic and International Patents in Supercritical Fluids based materials processing and manufacturing technology, which are critical to the manufacture of the Company’s propulsion technologies and ordnance, as well as other non-aerospace projects, the Company is involved in.

The unique capabilities of the PMB Aerospace Corporation solid propulsion technology, which is considered a Transformational Technology due to its capability to improve performance of the launch industry in terms of safety, tailorability to mission specific requirements, improved launch vehicle performance, and potential for significant reductions in cost of launch operations (by a factor of 10 or more) due to both reductions in launch vehicle costs, recurrent operational costs and total life-cycle costs, combined with the applicability of the company’s core technology to diverse range of industry sectors, including, among others, transportation, energy production and storage, microelectronics and molecular electronics, medicinal applications such as therapeutic and targeted drug delivery, and time-release agriculture applications.

The propulsion technology of PMB Aerospace is also, for nearly all applications, a Green technology, unlike the current solid propellant technology. The Supercritical Fluids based propellant manufacturing and materials processing technology is also considered a Green processing technology, producing essentially no hazardous waste streams, and therefore no environmental damage in its applications. It is important to note that as launch costs decrease considerably, the number of space launches will increase significantly. It is therefore critical that the new launch technologies be as Green as possible to reduce, or even eliminate, environmental damage from the production of propellants or in the production of polluting air emissions from combustion of propellants during rocket launches.

Technologies Areas

N-SEP Propulsion Technology

Many years of research and “lessons learned” have developed an extensive knowledge base that has allowed the design of a New Generation of composite solid propellants.


The University of South Florida Chemical Engineering Department performed a detailed safety and hazards analysis of N-SEPs in bulk storage and after casting in solid rocket engines


The manufacture of these multi-layer Nano-Structured Energetic Particles using a cost effective, flexible, controllable, scalable and green technology led to development of a novel micro-encapsulation technique that involved a circulating supercritical fluidized bed


PMB Aerospace Corporation provides commercial launch services for satellite companies or National launches. Launch services offered by PMB Aerospace Corporation include provision of the launch vehicle, launch site...


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